XO Audio is a leading provider of digital audio software for the pro audio industry. Having created two Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), and designed and written software for some of the top names in the industry, we have a proven track record of innovation, quality and creativity.

When inexperienced developers struggle on audio and media projects with less than ideal results, there is simply no substitute for knowledge and experience. Contact us if you need a digital audio software consult for your next project.

XO Audio

Bjorn Roche, Presidenthttp://www.bjornroche.com/

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Sample Projects

Xonami: designed for real-time collaboration, this DAW allows users across the globe to edit, mix, and record to the same session at the same time. Xonami works with existing web and internet infrastructures to bring next-generation features to audio industry professionals.

Mantis: this DAW, designed for Indaba Media, runs entirely in a web browser and allows for recording, mixing, and editing of music, along with realtime effects and access to an online library of “clips”. This DAW was the first of it’s kind. The original incarnation of Mantis was endorsed by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

XO Wave: This complete DAW, now end of lifed, specialized in CD Mastering, Post Production, Sound for picture, etc.


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